Tuesday, May 22, 2012


How much do you give... How much time do you waste waiting on someone? When do you know you have had ENOUGH of your RabiesLove relationship? YOU are the only person that can answer that question....but I can enlighten you to the thought, that if you are even asking... You are almost there. Kisha fell in love with Danny. That was more than a decade ago. Kisha knew that Danny USED to have a coke problem. I think you know where this is going right. Fast forward a decade. Danny relapses are now draining the very breath out of her. Kisha still loves Danny, she wants to help him, fix him... Kisha wants the person she fell in love with so long ago to return. The verbal abuse is movie worthy. The threats, the accusations of cheating, the name calling, all go along with the drug use. Then there are months of sobriety where they are madly, rabidly in love. But....in the end Danny always goes back to the drugs. Every time Danny falls down his rabbit hole of self destruction.... Kisha dies a little more within. Why is she not ENOUGH?? How many birthdays, holidays, will she give up to drugs? Will she ever find her self worth? When is ENOUGH.... ENOUGH??

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

THE photo YOU did not want to SEE!

Well. ITs been awhile. Life sometimes gets in the way. 2012 has began with a completely NEW era of RABID HOT MESSES to share with you! No point to keep you in the dark..... Teenage Rabies.... This is an awkward time for any parents I am sure! But this story is too funny not to share. Melisa is a younger mother who is dealing with the raging hormones of a 16 year old daughter. Like any mother trying to be a "good" parent... She is constantly keeping up with where her daughter is located and who she is with. Daughter's phone rings.... She has an incoming text.... Melissa sees that it is from "that boy" which is term she has come up with for all of daughter's boyfriends. Its easier than getting to know them. (teenage love is fleeting) Should I? She asked internally. Why not.... How bad could it be... Well.....Melissa literally gasps "Dear Lord"!!! A PENIS on the cell phone is staring at her!! Melissa, is now flushed, nauseous, humiliated!!!! Poor boy!! He has obviously has NO idea he has such.... A SMALL penis. Bless his heart, to be sure he would not have proudly sent this photo if he had known!! Melissa debates over to tell her husband or not! Should she tell her daughter??? Melissa "thinks" this may be the only Penis her daughter has seen, should Melissa inform her daughter That there will be a bigger and better one in her future, hopefully??? What is correct plan of action?? Rabid Souls.... I do not know yet how this story ends.... But I will keep you updated! Have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Song for the Day....

The Words....

There are Words that define our lives...
There are Words that we wish we could take back...
There are Words that inadvertently change the essence of our soul...

Words can build us up or tear us down...

Verbal Abuse is REAL. Verbal Abuse creates wounds that cut deep into the soul.

NO ONE on this earth is WORTHLESS. We are all beautifully made.

Words can choke just like hands, debilitating our will, to free ourselves from the abuser.

My prayer for anyone living in this hell is this...

I pray that you will begin to hear Beautiful WORDS to drown out the negative WORDS in your head.
I pray that you dig deep and find the courage to leave the abuser behind before the WORDS cripple your spirit.
I pray that you see YOU, and not the image the abuser has painted with their WORDS.
I pray that you one day feel FREE from the WORDS that were used to break you...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blame it on the Rain....

I think today I'm just going to VENT!
Blame.... Is useless people! I mean really does it change anything?

BLAME does not rewrite history...it does not undue pain that has occurred.
BLAME is .... Pointless.

BLAME is a common thread among addicts...."I used because I was overwelmed with memories of the past"
I "borrowed" your money...without your knowledge, because I was high.

The worst kind of BLAME is... Parents who are addicts.
They attempt to BLAME the people who, raised their children, for "keeping" their children away from them.

STOP BLAMING others for YOUR poor choices.
TAKE accountability for your actions and MOVE ON!

RABID HOT MESS people can literally blame Anything or anyone for their fucked up lives.
I personally find it very annoying. For example, the 30 something ex- stripper who NOW blames her ex lifestyle on poverty.
"oh stripping was the ONLY way I could afford college" No bitch, you were too damn lazy to waitress or anything else... So your ass snorted a line and hopped on a pole for EASY money!
Oh and 10 years later she still has no degree.

People RESPECT the truth so much more than a lie. Reguardless of what your truth may be! OWN IT! If not, just please STOP BLAMING other people... And Blame it on the Rain..

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Storm is Over....

The weather channel declares that Hurricane Irene is almost over.... Good News to those living on the east coast of the USA tonight!
It made me wish that I could "log-on" to a website and find out the lastest on my own personal storms... You know like a 5 day forecast for my life. Wouldn't that be great?

A place that will alert me to possible bad days ahead, like Monday you will encounter assholes
Tuesday you will feel depressed for no reason, wednesday you will have HOT sex....
Chance of running into a rabid ex 10% on Friday.

Oh well, it is a nice thought!

Stay safe and remember just as fast as your personal storm rolls in....it will eventually pass. Stay strong and know everyone has to survive a storm at some point in their life.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Black Cloud.....

Well, the weather report just came in LOUD and CLEAR.... I have a fucking BLACK CLOUD that will NOT let the sun shine through.....

It has been the little joke that I have been using to deflect my pain. Someone asks "How's it going??" I simply reply....Well I have this Black Cloud that keeps following me around.

My personal Black Cloud consists simply of not being able to let someone fall. An adult needs to be held accountable for their actions.... But.... I have a Savior complex and I desperately want to believe that I was right about this person!!! I want to save this person from themselves.

My educated logical brain does enlighten me to the fact that this person needs to save themselves.... But sometimes the things we KNOW are the most difficult to execute.
So, in the end this Black Cloud....actually is a personal creation.

People this is why we started this blog!!! RabiesLove...only goes into remission.
You can resort back to your Former Rabid state just as fast as a tornado can appear.
The damage is real.
Your heart will break all over again.

Lesson for today.... Be careful not to create a Black Cloud of heartache for yourself trying to "fix" "help" someone who is not ready to HELP THEMSELVES!!
Keep your fingers crossed or say a prayer or whatever you do that my Black Cloud does not turn into a full on hurricane!!!
Have a great week fellow rabid souls!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"You just have to Stop"
This is soo easy for the person who is not Addicted to advise. The healthy person can see through the chaos and rationally decide that YOU should just leave someone or something alone....

It is like literally holding your hand over a fire passionately declaring that "this time" you will not get burned....

"Rabid Hot Mess" people are so difficult to quit...
There is a physical and mental "withdrawal" when you are removed from toxic relationships.
Chances are the person will NOT leave you alone for some period of time without involving the legal system. The "Rabid Hot Mess" will cloud your judgement and distort past events and ALWAYS finds a way to BLAME YOU!!!

STAY STRONG!!! If you are new to this blog I will repeat the fact... "the first 96hrs are the hardest" I am serious do whatever you have to do to STAY AWAY from "The Rabid Hot Mess" for at least 96hrs with NO verbal, email, text, facebook, twitter communication!!!

Most addicts of strong drugs say that their most vulnerable moments come within 96hrs of stopping "the drug of choice" this is the painful time when they are more likely to give in and use.
The same principle applies to toxic RabiesLove relationships.... you are, for whatever reason, ADDICTED to the person or the relationship.

You WILL physically feel sick... depressed, anxious, you may feel sick to your stomach. These symptoms will pass, and if you STAY STRONG you will actually start to see through the fog and realize that you were lost in the relationship.

LOSS is addiction.
An addict loses themselves in their downward spiral.
Toxic Relationships are the same. There will never be two equals. One person always loses their identity through the process.
One person has to PRETEND that everything is OK. While the other is the star of their own 24hr show.

Withdrawal... is difficult... but if you are strong enough to endure the symptoms you will have a higher success rate of entering the RabiesLove Survivor Group!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Slipping" into Relaspe

Not all addicts "slip"... This is the term used when someone who has been sober and then they use/drink but it not "yet" turned into a full blown.....

Think of it like this.... Shelia has a shopping problem.... She is in credit card debt up to the tune of about 30 grand!!!!
Shelia has acknowledge that shopping fills a void for her and has decided to NOT use her cards again!!!

Shelia has been doing GREAT she has been avoiding stores and websites she used to shop at. Then... Shelia spends about 500 on sandals and a designer bathing suit for summer.

Is it a relapse or a "slip"????
Depends on who you ask....

Everyone slips.... We are not perfect creatures.
But.... You have a choice not to slip...back into a full blown relapse.

This theory applies to any addiction from shopping to gambling to drunk dialing that fucking loser who....deep down YOU know is not worth your energy much less your cell phone minutes.

The main thing is not to beat yourself up too bad about your slip....
So, you smoked a cig or drank or snorted a gram....
Let it go and move forward.
Talk to a friend, do not isolate yourself!!! Go to a meeting, find an online chat group.
Learn from your mistake, what triggered the slip, and make a plan as to what to the next time you "feel" as though it may happen again.

Friends life is never going to be a straight road.... It is the stops along the way that helps us get to our destination.

Most of all realize YOU are NOT ALONE!!! There are millions of people around the world who have the same problems if not then just a different version of your problem and we can all learn from each other.

Have a great week!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Death of the Dream...

When a "person" dies....we grieve... that's how we are suppose to respond, it is expected....

What no one tells us is how to respond when "our dream" dies....
We all have a "relationship" dream... This idea of what life is suppose to be like with a person....
We make plans... move in...get married...have babies....buy a house, car etc.

But what happens when the other person just leaves?
What if the other person cheats?
What if the other person turns out to be the biggest bitch you ever met?
What if the other person develops an addiction?

How do you cope when you realize that the "dream" is DEAD?????
What is the next step when you "wake up" and the life you thought you had is now.... GONE????

Erin is going through this right now. She married her high school sweetheart had 4 kids 2 boys 2 girls.... Lives in a beautiful home with a summer home at the shore. Life is perfect.... Until she comes home early from the shore home to find Kevin in HER bed with his lover...

I am not sure if it is Kevin that she misses....or the "dream" of the life they should have had together....
Erin is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered dream...
In a perfect world I would have all the answers.... But in reality I do not.
What I know is this...
Once you "wake" up..... It is impossible to go back to the same dream.

All you can really do is move on.... You WILL get through this dream turned nightmare!!!!
The dream is dead....
As long as it's dead it can't hurt you anymore....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Great New Blogs....

Hey strangers! It feels like forever since I posted!!! Life has a way of ... Well, getting in the way of life..
The irony!?

However I have been looking for inspiration in other blogs... I found a new one that looks promising!! So go check it out....

Also submit any new exciting blogs to me and let's encourage the new writers out there.

It is summer... So..... STAY AWAY from those RABID HOT MESSES out there!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Three Days Grace - Break

It's Friday...

I have always said Beware of the Weekends...
But tonight I am going to give you some Musical entertainment!
Instead of sitting around being sad because he/she did not call or stood you up... Avoid repeat calls and Facebook status checks!! Keep busy!! Scroll down our Blog and enjoy some angry Friday Night Music videos!!

Music has a wonderful ability to alter moods.. So move past your being sad and upset about the toxic person in your life and ignite some anger and find the strength within to tell Rabid Hot Mess in your life to LEAVE!!

Tomorrow is a whole new day to start over!
I'll try to add more videos tonight and tomorrow night and if you have any more songs that you think we should add to the the Friday Night Video list let me know and I'll post them! Enjoy!

Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands)

Chevelle - Send The Pain Below

Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love the Way You Lie...

Love this song. The raw truth in the the lyrics is, well, RabiesLove set to music!

RabiesLove Story of the Day!! Shawn and Asher

Shawn LOVES Asher! Shawn is totally and completely a Rabid Hot Mess over Asher. If Asher calls while Shawn is at work... she will drop everything and not only take a break but she will leave her executive position for a quickie.
The sex... is intense erotic quite simply... the best she's ever had!

The problem is... Shawn is ALWAYS available for Asher.
If he wants to vent about his stressful career he calls Shawn, if he wants his ego boosted... he calls Shawn.
Sounds Perfect? Ah, NO... this is a one way street.

Actually its a one man 24hr show The Asher Show... starring Asher, with special guest appearances by Shawn.
Asher juggles about 3 to 4 women. Asher has a very dominate personality. Asher is at first appears confident and smooth but after a short time it is clear that he is just an arogant ASSHOLE!

Shawn will try to call him repeatedly and its always a lie. "Baby, it was work"
"You are so beauitful... no one turns me on like you do" "No one has ever loved you like I do"
Lie. Lie. Lie.
Actually he is never there when she needs him... other than sex. And really even when they have sex is only on "his" terms.
But the tables turn dramactically if Shawn does not answer her phone or text within his "alloted amount of time" Asher will behave like a little spoiled brat who is not getting his way and constanstly attempts to manipulate Shawn into feeling guilty about her inability to see him ALL the time!
But that too is just a LIE!

Asher is a Rabbid Hot Mess... and Shawn knows this in her mind.... but she is going to have to let go of her LUST and this emotional connection she has created. This will enable Shawn to free herself from the RabiesLove relationship she has found herself in!

No Matter how good the LIE sounds... It is still a LIE!!

YOU are WORTHY of the TRUTH!
So instead of Loving the way someone Lies... Love the way they....LEAVE!!